Bhai Dooj: A Timeless Celebration of Sibling Love and Divine Bonds

Bhai Dooj is considered a symbol of the sincere love between brother and sister. On this day, brothers go to their sisters’ houses, sisters apply tilak on their brothers, perform aarti and tie Kalava. According to mythological beliefs, on this day, Lord Shri Krishna had killed Narakasura and went to meet his sister Subhadra and Subhadra had welcomed her brother with Vijay Tilak and prepared fifty-six bhog for him, since then today is the day of Bhai Dooj. The tradition of celebrating festivals became popular.

According to another belief, Lord Surya and Mother Sangya had two children, Yamraj and Yamuna, Yamuna was very fond of her brother Yamraj. She always used to go to Yamlok to meet her brother and inquire about his well-being. Yamuna ji used to ask her brother to come to her place but due to his busy schedule Yamraj was not able to meet his sister. One day Yamraj reached to meet his sister, it is said that before going to Yamuna ji’s house, Yamraj had freed all the inhabitants of Yam Loka. Yamuna ji was very happy to see her brother coming home and welcomed him by applying tilak and prepared delicious food for him. Pleased with his sister’s affection, Yamraj asked Yamuna to ask for something as a gift before leaving. Yamuna ji told him that if you want to give me something, then give me a boon that like today, you will come to my house every year, and on this day, the sister who applies tilak and respect to her brother will have no fear of Yamraj. Since then this practice started, this day is also called Yama Dwitiya.
On the day of Yam Dwitiya (Bhai Dooj), brothers who accept the hospitality of their sisters do not have the fear of untimely death. Bhai Dooj is a symbol of selfless love between brothers and sisters, sisters pray for the long life of their brother, wish for his successful life and brothers are grateful to their sister and give the boon of protecting their honor and respect on Bhai Dooj. Makes it even more impressive and important.

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