Drivers Protest: What is the new hit-and-run law?

After the changes in the MV Act by the Central Government, transport operators and drivers across the country have gone on strike. According to the new law, in a hit-and-run case, if the driver causes a fatal accident and runs away without informing the police or magistrate, then there is a provision of 10 years of imprisonment or a fine of up to Rs 7 lakh. Earlier there was some relaxation in this provision, but after the increase in the number of deaths in hit-and-run cases for quite some time, these strict steps have been taken. In fact, in many cases of hit and run, it is seen that if the injured is taken to the hospital for treatment at the right time, his life can be saved. But in these cases, when the driver runs away with his vehicle after the accident, the injured person dies due to lack of treatment. In view of the increase in hit-and-run cases in road accidents, a tough stance has been taken by the Central Government.

Drivers and transport operators have come out on the streets against this rule of the government. According to them, these new rules are very strict for them, traveling on a broken road is always risky and even if an accident happens due to someone else’s negligence, the drivers themselves will be held responsible. And if they do not run away from the scene of the incident, the mob will turn violent and thrash them to death. In such cases, it is often seen that the crowd present at the incident site takes the form of mob lynching.
Experts say that before bringing such strict rules, there is a need to improve the country’s roads and transport system. Only then will these rules be implemented and there will be some benefit.

The government says that the number of hit-and-run cases in road accidents is increasing, to reduce these numbers, these strict rules are necessary. The number of deaths in hit-and-run cases is continuously increasing across the country. If the driver takes the injured to the treatment center on time, many lives can be saved.
The same drivers say that for them this law is like a well in front and a ditch in front because if they run away from the spot, they face 10 years of imprisonment and if they stay at the spot of the incident, they will be beaten to death by the mob. Rs 7 lakh is a huge amount for poor transport drivers.

Lots of people stand in support of this rule and many people also oppose the law. According to experts, the government’s way of bringing this law appears to be a bit hasty. The law is correct in its place but due to the improper presentation, there are many speculations people started making.

For example, it is very important to ensure that how the driver will inform the administration. Besides, there should also be a prevention system in place to prevent potential misuse of the rules.

What was the previous hit-and-run law?
Earlier, in a hit-and-run case, there was a provision of 2 years imprisonment for the accused found guilty. These cases were tried under section 304A of the Indian Panel Code.

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